Bowman 2 main screen.

Bowman 2 is a game created by Ephinx' where the player plays as a stickfigure with a bow and arrow, shooting various targets. The game features 3 different game modes, "Vs Human", "Vs Computer", and "Bird Hunting". The game is mildly violent, featuring copious amounts of blood, and so may not be suitable for younger players.

Vs. Human Edit

In this mode, two players take turns trying to shoot eachother with their bow and arrows. The first person to 2 hits wins.

Vs. Computer Edit

In this mode, one players plays against a computer, and each takes turns attempting to shoot each other. First to 2 shots wins.

Bird Hunting Edit

This mode can be easily characterized as a "Free Mode", where the player's only purpose is to shoot down passing birds. There is no scoring or end to this mode, which instead offers a way to hone your shooting skills, or just shoot freely.

Trivia Edit

  • If an arrow is shot straight up at 90°, it will come down and land directly in the player's head. In Bird Hunting mode, if this is done and a bird is hit, the bird will be lodged into the player's head, sometimes referred to as "Duck Face".
  • Downward arrows can be shot at with Upward arrows, which results in both arrows bouncing off of each other and immediately falling to the ground.