Ending Screen of Grow Cube

Grow Cube is a puzzle game created by Eyez Maze. In the game, you play on a cube, where you can press 10 buttons, each interacting with each other to achieve the highest level for each. The various buttons are:

  • Bone
  • Water
  • Ball
  • Bowl
  • Plants
  • Pot
  • Tube
  • Spring
  • Person
  • Fire

Walkthrough Edit

This is the order that each button must be pressed in order to win, and what will happen each time.

  1. Person- Person appears on cube.
  2. Water- Water appears on side of the cube, person digs a pool.
  3. Plants- Plants appear around the level, person splits into two people who dig a trench for the water, ending in a waterfall off the side of the cube. Top of cube becomes covered in grass.
  4. Pot- Pot appears, plants grow, one of the people splits into two, dig out one section of the cube.
  5. Tube- Tube appears above plants. Plants grow, there are now 4 people, more digging is done on the side of the cube. Cave appears, bridge is made across water stream and a plant is placed into the pot, which is now bigger.
  6. Fire- More digging, fire is used to cook items in jar. Tube expands.
  7. Bowl- Bowl appears, plants grow, tube expands, cave is lit.
  8. Bone- More digging, new waterfal tube expands, bowl appears, bone appears.
  9. Ball- Fruit appear on trees. Cooking is completed. Bone turns into animal skull. Tube expands. Tower grows plants.
  10. Spring- Cooking item is poured into water, springs appear and turn into mushrooms. Tower expands and connects to tube. Person goes into tower and puches ball bown tube. Skull is drenched in water and placed inside cube, turns into giant monster. Ball goes through tube, and lands on monster's head, opening head, showing a sign saying "Congratulations!".