Screenshot from Indestructo Tank

Indestructo Tank, is a game created by Armor Games where the player takes the role of an invincible tank in a hostile enemy area. In the game, the tank has no weapons, and so instead, uses explosions from enemies to catapult into the air and land on planes and drills, destroying them.

Also, instead of a health bar, there is a fuel bar, which goes down as levels drag on. When the bar hits 0, the tank explodes.

Levels are beaten by reaching a high enough experience level through destroying enemies. The purpose of the game is to go through each level, destroying as many enemies as possible without running out of fuel.

Each subsequent level requires a larger amount of enemies to be destroyed, thus making higher combos neccessary to save fuel.

Trivia Edit

  • Each enemy upgrade is limited to a max of 100 units.