Redivider is a game written by Jonathan McCoy.

Gameplay Edit

The game consists of 30 levels, where the objective is to remove all pieces in the play field. There are only 10 seconds in each level, and you gain points based on the amount of time remaining. While you can continue if you fail a level, the score is reset to 0 if you do so. The maximum score is 3000.

To divide the level, click, and draw a line to another point. This creates a dividing line that interacts with the pieces:

There are three circular pieces of note:

  • Green/triangle: Destroyed if the divisor line passes through them.
  • Blue/square: Divide these into two groups on either side of the line. If they're equal number, they are all destroyed. Otherwise, just the smaller group is removed. The level fails if the divisor passes through this piece.
  • Gray/hexagon: The level fails if the divisor passes through this piece. They are only removed when there's no other piece type around.

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