Welcome to Internet Games Wiki (or IG Wiki), a site featuring articles on the thousands of games that exist on sites across the World Wide Web. Here, every member can share their knowledge on this special subset of the video gaming experience.

Now, as with any Wiki, there are some guidelines as to how articles should be organized. Which will be explained below.

If you have any questions or ideas for modifications, please express them on the Talk Page.

General Edit

  • Article titles should be the title of the game in question.
  • The first sentence in an article should include the name of the page's subject, written in Bold.
  • Definite and Indefinite articles (such as "the" and "a") should be ommited, unless part of a title.
  • Avoid using the second person pronoun "you" except in places where completely applicable.
  • Avoid using plural pronouns for singular nouns.
  • Articles should be limited to Internet Games, articles about game makers, or other, non-gaming articles should be instead linked to the appropriate wikipedia page.
  • Do not use abbreviations, except in titles.
  • Use roman numerals instead of arabic numerals, except in titles.
  • Only wikilink to the first occurence of a word.
  • Capitalize the first letters of any game title, main character, or article-importance item.
  • Minute items should be limited to a larger article about the game, and not be given their own page.
  • Speculation should not be added to articles and instead discussed on the forum, or the appropriate discussion page.

Deletion Edit

  • Deleted articles should not be revived without substantial information to warrant the page's existence.
  • Articles which are stubs should be marked as such and added to the stubs category.
  • Articles that warrant deletion should be marked as "For Deletion", and then added to the "For Deletion" page, where their deletion will be discussed.

As new kinds of articles are created or suggested, guidelines will be created to streamline them.