Stickicide is a suicide platformer action game, where you control a stickman to his own death. There are very much possibilities to die. Each time you die, you'll earn points, but how much points, that depends on the death. You have to kill yourself as much as possible before the time runs out.

Ways to die Edit

  • Spikes: Jump on these to die. 100 points.
  • Smasher: Get under this to die. 100 points.
  • Turret: Get near it to die. 150 points.
  • House: Get in it to die. 150 points.
  • Mine: Touch it to die. 200 points.
  • Car: Get in it to die. 200 points.
  • Rocket: Get in it to die. 200 points.
  • High fall: Jump off all platforms to die. 100 points.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Stickicide means "Stickman suicide".
  • Stickicide is related to Karoshi series, because in both games guys must do suicides, except in Stickicide you don't have to solve a puzzle and you do it for points.

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